Why JSL…

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“So, we came here kicking and screaming because our kids made us, but we are very happy.” People will not always understand your sarcasm. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the new faces, you’ll learn their names soon, and might even forget them again… but it’s okay. And if people forget your name from time to time, even better. But know that the chances of this happening are slimmer if you open yourself up and share the real you.  The few people you may know here when just starting out — even the new ones you met at dinner — are not your friends, yet. You just know each other. But if you want more from your friendships, be a friend.

There are going to be days when you pretend you don’t care and walk around silent and don’t want to wear makeup or dress for dinner.  But do it. Don’t assume people’s reputations are all accurate. You wouldn’t want others to judge you too quickly, would you? Don’t be upset when you find out someone doesn’t like you. Did absolutely everyone love you in your old life? No.

Residents come from all walks of life. Teachers, nurses, small business owners, big business CEOs, university professors, housewives, lawyers, engineers, musicians – and more – are choosing JSL. Current residents will tell you these diverse backgrounds open the door to wonderful conversations and friendships. And contrary to what you might think, most independent living residents are quite active.

Some older adults worry they’ll give up too much and their quality of life will go downhill if they move to JSL. But in fact, many residents and their families report that the overall quality of life goes up for adults living in our communities.

Research into senior health has proven that older adults who report the highest levels of well-being and happiness are those who socialize, work or volunteer and exercise. Having healthy social relationships is a significantly higher predictor of longevity and is associated with reduced rates of depression. Older adults who are physically active have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and some cancers, as well as higher levels of functional and cognitive health.

So… just do it! Sell the house and move in. We’ll have dinner… And we’ll laugh! Let JSL be your worry-free zone. Come live your best Jewish Senior Life!

LIVING YOUR BEST Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is far more than a place to live. It’s 6 beautiful residences where older adults can embrace life and community in a secure and supportive environment.