We all know the benefits of exercise, but it’s especially important for older adults. Regular exercise improves balance and stability, increases strength and flexibility, enhances healing and function, boosts memory and brain health, increases energy, prevents bone loss and even helps manage chronic disease. That’s why our Wellness Centers are great places to stay fit, active and engaged. 

On our West Bloomfield campus, The Audrey and William Farber Wellness Centers are located in both Hechtman II and Meer Apartments. These centers are equipped with state-of-the art, senior-friendly fitness machines for a variety of workouts. We’re also proud to offer classes to enhance everyday well-being, including balance classes and walking groups, and holistic opportunities such as aromatherapy, tai chi, meditation, massage therapy and more. These classes have emotional benefits as well, educating and improving wellness for everyone. In partnership with Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, our Wellness Director is available 5 days a week for consultation, assistance and guidance. 

On our Oak Park campus, residents at both Teitel and Prentis Apartments can enjoy the use of their own Wellness Center. This provides a safe and convenient way to stay active, exercising both mind and body.  

Check out one of our Wellness Centers today!