The Weavers

Crystal has been in restaurant food service over 25 years and loves it when Todd brings her coffee at work. Todd, with a background in Geriatrics and Psychology is amazed how Crystal can multitask at work and at home, entertain their families, raise their two children, 4 and 1 and be creative in the kitchen. She appreciates his love of cooking as he is her perfect sous chef at home. Crystal says Todd takes care of her by emulating what he saw growing up as his parents lovingly cared for his special needs brother, Russel. Todd, the consummate caregiver is kind, helpful and a true mensch. Todd loves that Crystal is dedicated to her work, determined to get things done, focused, fun and creative. When she is working late at Meer, he videotapes the antics of their young children and sends them to her. She does the same, always considering each other. They make sure each week has a date night. Todd proposed to Crystal on Valentine’s Day with the poetry of Corinthians: “Love is patient, love is kind….” Their wedding was held in the living room of his parental home and 9 months after their honeymoon, Logan was born followed 3 years later by Layla.  Crystal’s two other children, 17 and 20 from her former marriage, also help to care for the little ones. This blended Baptist family has a perfect Jewish Senior Life love story.