The Newmans

Love was obvious in the way they looked at each other. Eleanor made Joe laugh and laughter was their medicine. While enjoying their lives at Hechtman, they visited casinos and watched Tiger baseball always holding hands. Gram played Mahjong. Poppy attended minyan daily. They slept together in a queen size bed. Their traditional love affair was an inspiration. Poppy said he never saw his parents display affection for each other, but he never hesitated to display affection to Gram.

They did everything together. Each thought they were taking care of the other. They had their own language, “Joe, get me my ears,” Gram would say, and he faithfully retrieved her hearing aids. Although he listened selectively to everyone else, he gave Eleanor his full attention and ALWAYS responded to her. “

After Eleanor passed in 2015, Joe spent a great deal of time with his granddaughter, Leslie, and when holding her hand, he gazed at the ring his beloved Eleanor wore when they married. Joe passed away in 2017.