The Coopers

George learned the plumbing trade in the 40’s and the very successful Cooper Plumbing Contractors was born. After an initial stint in the Navy on a minesweeper in Japan, Rose and George settled into life in Detroit, moving to West Bloomfield with their 3 children, Gary, Janice and Jackie in 1967 in a home they built, “with excellent plumbing”, says George. While George continued working as a plumber, Rose involved them in activities like the Jewish Veterans Association and City of Hope. George was a hard worker and a great provider. Rose did the books and saved for their retirement. Rose also loved volunteering at the Fleischman Gift Shop and spent many years on buying trips. They had Mahjong friends whom they traveled with to exotic locales on cruise ships or by plane and enjoyed attending the symphony or attending productions at the Fisher Theatre.

George left plumbing at 65 years old and became a Plumbing Inspector.  Rose purchased and successfully ran a Walled Lake Hallmark Card Shop for eight years and when this closed their mutual retirement began, but not from travel. George took up flying, and with old friends who were already pilots partnered in purchasing first a Bonanza, then a Piper, and their last plane was a Mooney 201 with room for 6.  Dubbed the Chai Flyers, Danny Raskin spoke of them in the Jewish News. Rose has kept a record in a ledger of every trip they have taken. She hopes these records engage George’s long-term memory who is amazing at recalling addresses and names of people in their lives. She hopes her 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren will appreciate all the little details she kept track of over time. There is a plaque hung at Fleischman given with love from their kids honoring their 70th wedding anniversary and both their 90th birthdays. Rose resides at Hechtman and George resides at Fleischman Residence across from his older brother Morrie, 96. It’s truly a family affair.