So You’ve Moved To JSL


So, you moved in! You’re looking for some peace and quiet, but also some interesting activities and maybe even some new friendships. You have a few health issues that are under control, but it feels safer to live in a community where you could get some help if you needed it. You furnished your space with the help of your family and enjoy seeing your beloved possessions adorn the walls of your new apartment. The family visits you a few times during meals and now you’re ready to join the ranks of JSL residents. You want to make new friends, so you leave your apartment to enjoy dinner with strangers in this new strange land.

It’s up to you to make the best of things. Life is waiting for you.  Please know that there are many people who will help you do it well at JSL. There are more women than men here and they already seem to have chosen their interest groups.  People are going to ask you a million questions about your past life. They’re eager to start a conversation, and curious to size you up. Here at JSL, your first “real” friend will most certainly not be your last. Consider your leasing agent, your activities director or your administrator. All are invested in making sure you feel like you belong and are happy, safe and satisfied with your status quo.

Life at JSL can be different on different campuses. The day may start off with a group walk in the nature preserve across the street. It could move to an afternoon shift as a volunteer in the Krolik Café or Marvin’s Bistro, shopping at one of Sharon’s Boutiques; And it can end with a game of poker or a concert downstairs by a visiting band from the local university. This is life at JSL. Who’s enjoying this kind of lifestyle? A lot of people like you.  It’s not about simply keeping busy – these opportunities are designed to give residents choices to do what they want, find fulfillment, and thrive.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s okay if you don’t know where the activities rooms are or whether you’re allowed to use the vending machines. You might even get lost from time to time roaming the halls after dinner. You might become a pro at pretending to nap in order to avoid interacting with people. However, what you should try to work on is starting conversations and pretending to be comfortable when you’re not.

Just be careful about gossip and what you say to someone who is friendly. Gossip ruins relationships and judgment is never fair. It’s extremely important to know that people are just people and you are entitled to fit in just as much as anyone.  Soon you will find that this way of communal living is rich with opportunities to enjoy your third chapter. You might find yourself saying,

“I should have moved here sooner. Why did I wait so long? I don’t feel alone, unless I want to be. There are plenty of engaging activities. It’s a good feeling to be part of a group. I’m happier here in my apartment then I was taking care of an 8-room house. Life is active and vibrant. I love where I live.”

Life can be great at JSL and it’s easy to see why more people have decided to let us be their stress-free zone. Live your best Jewish Senior Life!

LIVING YOUR BEST Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is far more than a place to live. It’s 6 beautiful residences where older adults can embrace life and community in a secure and supportive environment.