Seniors Definitely Won’t Be Bored With These Board Games


Everyone at JSL loves to play games and at the same time realize major health benefits such as relieving stress and combating memory loss and depression. Studies have shown the risk of dementia was 15 percent lower in board game players than in non-players. Board games can enhance memory formation and help exercise cognitive skills. A lot of games also tend to be low stress and can be calming, helping lower blood pressure. In many instances, games require some coordination and hand dexterity, which can be important for aging adults.

Puzzles, Cards, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers and Monopoly are classic fun. Here are some newer games to try. Ticket to Ride is an award-winning game where players collect color-coded cards to claim train routes and connect one city to another. Suspend, like Jenga, takes the same concept and replaces stacking blocks with a series of metal rods. Incan Gold takes classic card games such as poker and blackjack and adds Indiana Jones. Travel to an ancient temple and collect treasures along the way, but make sure you make your escape before traps close in on you. Qwirkle is a tile placement game where players match colors and shapes, just like dominoes or Uno. The game uses pattern recognition, basic mathematics and strategy to exercise the brain, keeping it happy and healthy. The most important thing to remember with any new game is to have patience and have a good time. Come Volunteer and Play with Us at Jewish Senior Life.