Re-Imagine Senior Living

JSL is looking toward the future for our residents, the fastest-growing segment of the US population, between the ages of 85 and 94. We have engaged thought leaders, Perkins Eastman, the global architecture firm, to explore the senior living market through fresh eyes and to help us position our communities for the future. They bring to this process insights gained through their Clean Slate Project, a year-long effort to explore and re-imagine senior living by consideration of and collaboration with other industries including healthcare, hospitality and retail to inspire innovations in senior living.


They point to technology as the number one trend that will help seniors live independently and longer in their own homes. Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality are posed to change how older adults engage with the world and how the rest of the world engages with them. Already, the use of technology to connect us via video conferencing has won over grandparents worldwide as they stay in touch with grandchildren on Facebook and Facetime.  Five years ago, many people moved into senior living complexes without fully understanding technology at all. People moving in today not only understand technology, they thrive on it. But will technology replace living in communal environments?

While our community partner, Jewish Family Service, already assists people living in their homes through adaptive technology ie., personal emergency response systems, pill dispensers and home modification service referrals, JSL will explore with Perkins Eastman, how to employ and utilize these trends for our residents. One thing we know for sure, nothing can replace human touch and connection.  In JSL’s communities, friendships and support provide the human touch so vital for engagement for older adults because, for most, screen time is just not enough. This is just the tip of the melting iceberg. We continue to think and plan for us all.

LIVING YOUR BEST Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is far more than a place to live. It’s 6 beautiful residences where older adults can embrace life and community in a secure and supportive environment.