LOVE is in the air


Rose and George Cooper

On Labor Day weekend in the summer of 1946, 18-year-old Rose and her girlfriend, traveled from Detroit by car to enjoy a long weekend of fun at the Coopers Engleside Resort in Three River’s Michigan. She took one look at George Cooper, who grew up on a 70-acre fruit farm in Three Rivers and she was smitten.

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Crystal and Todd Weaver

Crystal Weaver, 39 and her husband, Todd, 46, live in Royal Oak and work together at Meer at Jewish Senior Life. Crystal is Meer Dining Room Manager and Todd runs the Krolik Café. Married for 5 years after meeting at My Doctor’s Inn an assisted living facility in Sterling Heights. Caring for older adults is their heartfelt passion and brought them together caring for Jewish seniors in West Bloomfield for Jewish Senior Life.  


Eleanor and Joseph Newman

Leslie Katz’ grandparents, Eleanor and Joseph Newman, z’l married young and were together 75 years.  They lived in Hechtman II, having moved from their home in Florida when they were 90. As told by their granddaughter Leslie Katz, they resided together in a two-bedroom apartment and requested the wall be taken down to create a large one-bedroom space. They were Leslie’s Poppy and Gram, separated during WWII for four years while newlyweds. They produced four daughters. The secret to their love story was compromise.


Marilyn and Ken Biller

83 and 84-year-old Arthur (Ken) and Marilyn Biller met on a blind date 61 years ago. They lived and raised their 2 children in West Bloomfield and moved to Prentis two months ago happily living there now, taking advantage of the location to walk to nearby stores, although Ken still drives.


Bob Prussack and Marion Cardiff

Widower, Bob Prussack met widow, Marion Cardiff five years ago when she moved to Meer Apartments. They enjoy going to the movies, eating Chinese food and attending weekly current events discussions led by Cyma Carn. 


Shirley and Dave Moscow

Shirley and Dave Moscow married 69 years this March recently moved to Meer apartments from Covington Club in Farmington Hills. They met right after she graduated from high school and he, two years older had returned from the Army, stationed in St. Louis. Shirley took one look at Dave and knew he was the one – very handsome in his soldier uniform, and great hair!


Manny and Nancy Kalef

Manny and Nancy Kalef moved to their beautiful Meer apartment in March of 2016 and have been married for 40 years. After one date at the Steak and Ale, Nancy sensed she could show Manny how to love again. He was mourning his first wife and shared that he felt happy for the first time in 18 months after his date with Nancy.