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Jewish Senior Life is a dedicated member of our community. Our events, milestones and thought provoking pieces are often highlighted in local and national news. Take a moment to see all that we have done.

Credit: Andrea Hamilton

Credit: Andrea Hamilton

The Upcoming: Silver Tsunami

As the president and the CEO of Jewish Senior Life of Metropolitan Detroit, we applaud the Jewish News for its discussion of some of the statistics identified in the recently released Jewish Population Study spearheaded by the Jewish Federation (“Changing Senior Needs and Preferences,” Nov. 14, page 10). In this op-ed, and in greater depth on our website (JSLMI.org), we continue the conversation.

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Living Your Best Jewish Senior Life

Before Ruth came to live with Jewish Senior Life, she put off learning the card game, Canasta. She was busy and really didn’t think she wanted to devote the time needed to learn this form of Rummy. After Ruth moved in, she changed her mind. She now plays regularly with old friends and new, enjoying not only the camaraderie, but the health benefits. Our JSL Program Directors are second to none and provide daily opportunities for this type of mind sharpening activity and more for the residents we serve.

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Exercise Your Right To A Healthy Mind

Are you excessively sleepy during the day? If so, you may have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study published online by the journal Sleep.

BY GRACIE BONDS STAPLES  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Having 'The Talk' With Your Aging Parents

Another year was coming to an end. Betty Tarr's husband had died, and she wasn't the woman she liked remembering.

That woman raised three independent children. She hiked for fun, volunteered in her community, cut her own grass, loaded the debris in her small Ford SUV and hauled it away. But in 2014, Tarr, 82, was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles. 


Re-Imagine Senior Living

JSL is looking toward the future for our residents, the fastest-growing segment of the US population, between the ages of 85 and 94. We have engaged thought leaders, Perkins Eastman, the global architecture firm, to explore the senior living market through fresh eyes and to help us position our communities for the future.


Man Plans, God Laughs

Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” is an old Yiddish adage, “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Adults assume the best-laid plans may be unhinged by unexpected changes, which can be either disappointing or exhilarating. Personal setbacks, losses of loved ones, illnesses, accidents or broken hearts are not uncommon. On the other hand, fate can bring unanticipated good fortune. We just don’t know what we will find around the next corner. 


Seniors Definitely Won’t Be Bored With These Board Games

Everyone at JSL loves to play games and at the same time realize major health benefits such as relieving stress and combating memory loss and depression. Studies have shown the risk of dementia was 15 percent lower in board game players than in non-players. Board games can enhance memory formation and help exercise cognitive skills.


A Magnificent Evening

The 16th Annual Benefit to support the Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families, a service of Jewish Senior Life, was a night to remember at Congregation Beth Ahm in West Bloomfield on March 10, 2019. Dr. Charles Silow, Program Director, presented awards to honor the Holocaust survivors of Detroit through their survivor organizations. 


Join Us For Games With FRIENDS

FRIENDS of Jewish Senior Life invites you to an afternoon of GAMES with FRIENDS! Enjoy your favorite games, and hear about the benefits of becoming a FRIEND.

Everyone loves to play games and at the same time realize major health benefits such as relieving stress and combating memory loss and depression. Studies have shown the risk of dementia was 15 percent lower in board game players than in non-players. Board games can enhance memory formation and help exercise cognitive skills. A lot of games also tend to be low stress and can be calming, helping lower blood pressure. In many instances, games require some coordination and hand dexterity, which can be important for aging adults.


7 Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Help

1) They don’t look quite put together. If your mother always has her hair and nails done and you notice she’s lost interest in maintaining her appearance, this could be a sign of an issue. You might notice a lack or lessening of good hygiene habits. Maybe your dad doesn’t seem to be showering regularly, which may be because he’s afraid of falling in the shower or has difficulties bathing. If he has unexplained bruises on this body, these may indicate trouble balancing and walking – or that he’s had a fall.


Important Checklists Information for Seniors

A. Need assistance organizing essential documents and contacts? Do you have a safe-deposit box and key along with a list of its contents and names of anyone who has access? Have you written a letter of instruction listing personal property not disposed of by will and wishes for distribution? Where are your receipts and appraisals for valuables? Keep your trust, banking and loan information along with Tax returns, Insurance policies, stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments.  Keep copies of birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security card, Medicare/Medicaid/insurance coverage card, Organ donor card, marriage certificate, credit cards, Mortgage records, military records and Legal power of attorney, healthcare proxy, living will, advance directives, burial plots and desired funeral arrangements.

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A Balancing Act

What are you doing to transform your balance? Are you concerned you may not be as steady as you could be? Speak with a doctor and schedule a balance assessment. Try these 5 exercises you can do at home to increase stability and help prevent falls.

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Celebrating Seniors At Pesach

Passover arrives as Spring blooms with yellow daffodils popping up to acknowledge the season of growth and change. We gather with family and friends to retell the story of the Exodus, recalling our past and celebrating our freedom.


How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

Are you wired to find meaning in your life?  If we are smart, we make provisions for our ultimate ending, then, even smarter, put away the paperwork and live fully in every moment. Living with purpose, being in the moment, mindfulness, - all buzzwords of our generation. We get coached by professionals, consultants, and counselors. We tune into TED Talks and get inspired by keynotes that aim at explaining the point of it all. How do you spend your time?


Volunteer At Jewish Senior Life

Jo Strausz Rosen, Executive Director of Development


“There’s so much work to be done in our service, so much work and the workers so few, that somebody else is getting weary and warn, just substituting for you. So, the next time you’re asked to do something worthwhile, come back with this ready reply, if somebody else can contribute their time, you can bet your last dime, so can I.”


Transforming Lives: Generation to Generation

By Aryeh Gamer

Personally, I think that stories are a very important part of connecting with others. To learn the stories of your elders is to know yourself. I find it wondrous, to sit next to a man or woman, that lived their childhood in fear because others didn’t like their religion. In school, we learn many stories about the Holocaust, and other difficult times for Jews, but hearing the story personally from ones who have experienced this horror, is when I realize that we are connected as Jewish people, even though we have never met before.










ANTICIPATING KNEE OR HIP REPLACEMENT? The Novi Civic Center Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet loans canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bathing aids and protective garments to older adults. You can donate your own clean, gently used medical equipment in good condition to them. Giving is Receiving! 248-347-0414

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Imagine Anne Frank At JSL

On June 12, several hundred people gathered at a church in Frankfurt, Germany, the city of Anne Frank’s birth, to commemorate the famous teenage diarist’s 90th birthday. Like so many around the world, we are inspired by Anne’s, “Diary of a Young Girl”, chronicling her two-year stay at a secret annex in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam with her family and several other Jews. The family was caught in 1944 and sent to death camps. Only Anne’s father, Otto, survived. He shared her diary, intuitively knowing it could bring hope to so many. It has been printed in 70 languages with over 30 million copies sold. Her story belongs to survivors of the Shoah everywhere.  


A Decade of Dedication 

Jewish Senior Life of Metropolitan Detroit Held It’s 2019 ANNUAL MEETING, A DECADE OF DEDICATION, at Meer Apartments on Tuesday night, June 25.  “When JSL began, the landscape of older adult living was totally different. The ‘Jewish Old Folks Home’ was incorporated in 1907, and “OLD” meant any age over 55. Today, the average age of our residents is 84 years young.

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The decision to move from one’s home to an older adult community is never easy. But when we notice physical and mental changes in our parents’ behavior, it’s time to have “THE TALK”.Today, everybody wants to age in place, but when a spouse passes away or we lose the ability to drive, isolation is a real concern. Lack of socialization results not only in loneliness but in decreased longevity, poorer health and cognitive issues.

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This Chair Rocks

In her book, This Chair Rocks, A Manifesto Against Ageism, Ashton Applewhite, author/ activist, cites ageism as a destructive element in our society and around the world. Ageism is discrimination and stereotyping based on age. In her recent TED TALK entitled “Let’s End Ageism,” Applewhite maintains, “Aging isn’t a problem or disease, but is a natural, powerful, lifelong process that unites us all. AGING IS LIVING. Longevity is a fundamental hallmark of human progress.”


So You’ve Moved To JSL

So, you moved in! You’re looking for some peace and quiet, but also some interesting activities and maybe even some new friendships. You have a few health issues that are under control, but it feels safer to live in a community where you could get some help if you needed it. You furnished your space with the help of your family and enjoy seeing your beloved possessions adorn the walls of your new apartment. The family visits you a few times during meals and now you’re ready to join the ranks of JSL residents. You want to make new friends, so you leave your apartment to enjoy dinner with strangers in this new strange land.