Important Checklists And Information For Seniors


A.      Need assistance organizing essential documents and contacts? Do you have a safe-deposit box and key along with a list of its contents and names of anyone who has access? Have you written a letter of instruction listing personal property not disposed of by will and wishes for distribution? Where are your receipts and appraisals for valuables? Keep your trust, banking and loan information along with Tax returns, Insurance policies, stocks, bonds, real estate and other investments.  Keep copies of birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security card, Medicare/Medicaid/insurance coverage card, Organ donor card, marriage certificate, credit cards, Mortgage records, military records and Legal power of attorney, healthcare proxy, living will, advance directives, burial plots and desired funeral arrangements.


B.      Contacts to notify and track – clergy members, attorney, financial planner, tax advisor, broker and/or anyone else with knowledge of or control over trusts, wills and finances, beneficiaries, bank account, loan and credit card contacts, insurance agents.


C.      Identify a trusted loved one or trusted contact and share online accounts information. Share your password information and email accounts/addresses with them. This designated person will have access to your accounts and the power to delete or close them after you die. This person could also be executor on the will legally. You can use a password manager like LastPass, to keep your passwords in one place if you need to make it easier for yourself and others. In the case of Facebook, there are options like naming a legacy account, which would give access to someone to different aspects of your account like changing and removing picture, and letting friends know that the person has died. Michigan State law House Bill 5034 – The Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act enacted in 2016 stipulates that digital assets and accounts are subject to the same rules as other assets when the owner dies This means that you need to include your digital accounts in the list of items you bequeath to one of your loved ones or if you leave everyone all of your worldly possessions, your digital assets will be included within your estate. Remember to abbreviate the list and provide link to website.

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