How Did It Get So Late So Soon?


Are you wired to find meaning in your life?  If we are smart, we make provisions for our ultimate ending, then, even smarter, put away the paperwork and live fully in every moment. Living with purpose, being in the moment, mindfulness, - all buzzwords of our generation. We get coached by professionals, consultants, and counselors. We tune into TED Talks and get inspired by keynotes that aim at explaining the point of it all. How do you spend your time? If we are fortunate to have good health, a loving family and friends, length of days, we can choose to make a difference.

I have the privilege of interfacing with Honorees of the Jewish Senior Life Tikkun Olam Award – given to Eight Over Eighty individuals selected because of how they live their lives. In my interactions with each, I learned secrets to meaningful lives come from their experiences as volunteers, community leaders, social action activists, WWII heroes in international military intelligence, taking on the causes of hunger, fair housing, animal rights, education, equal rights, a history of doing and caring about people and things other than themselves. Their time, their lives… well spent, often inspired by their parents or grandparents.

My day to day moments are spent with JSL residents who are purpose seekers on our campus engaging in a wide variety of meaningful activities. And then, suddenly, we lose someone we love unexpectedly. Shocked by our loss, we mourn and then we must remind ourselves to continue to live fully, in memory of those who are no longer here.

Studies have proven that men and women in all socioeconomic classes, suffer less from anxiety disorders if they believe their lives have meaning. Be inspired by people who make a difference. Get out of your own way and go do something to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.  There is never enough time to tell people how you feel about them. The sands in the hour glass are on the move. What are you doing with yours?

Jo Strausz Rosen, Executive Director at Jewish Senior Life

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