Have You Had “The Talk” With Your Parents?

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The decision to move from one’s home to an older adult community is never easy. But when we notice physical and mental changes in our parents’ behavior, it’s time to have “THE TALK”. Today, everybody wants to age in place, but when a spouse passes away or we lose the ability to drive, isolation is a real concern. Lack of socialization results not only in loneliness but in decreased longevity, poorer health and cognitive issues.

So…why JSL? Jewish Senior Life has been in the business of caring for older adults since 1907, proudly serving the Detroit metropolitan community.True to its mission, JSL nurtures a sense of community and enriches the lives of older adults, while embracing Jewish values and celebrating life. JSL continues its dedication to providing personalized, high-quality residences, programs and services that support aging with dignity and choice, maximizing independence.

When older adults are asked to leave their longtime homes, a frequent cause of distress is their perceived loss of control, so give your loved one as much choice as possible as they plan and implement the move. If you can do the preliminary legwork and set up meetings with us, we are happy to walk you through the steps you need to take, to insure your parents’ move is successful.

And once they make the decision to join our JSL family, we’re with them every step of the way, coaching,encouraging, inviting, and checking on their progress. We can’t tell you how many times we hear the words,“I should have moved here years ago...but don’t tell my children!”

LIVING YOUR BEST Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is far more than a place to live. It’s 6 beautiful residences where older adults can embrace life and community in a secure and supportive environment.