Celebrating Seniors At Pesach

Seniors At Pesach.JPG

Passover arrives as Spring blooms with yellow daffodils popping up to acknowledge the season of growth and change. We gather with family and friends to retell the story of the Exodus, recalling our past and celebrating our freedom.

As we reflect on the strength of our ancestors, so too, can we acknowledge the resilience and wisdom of the seniors at our table! Let us honor our fathers and mothers. Family members who have passed the torch of leading the Seder from start to finish may enjoy reading parts that are most meaningful to them. Bring back the traditional foods with modern twists. Adapt chairs with pillows to ensure seniors can sit comfortably for the whole Seder, not just for reclining, but to support the back, knees, or hips. Invite senior relatives and friends to contribute meaningful items to the Seder such as their Seder plate or matzah cover. Encourage children to ask more than the Four Questions. Ask their grandparents and great-grandparents what Passover means to them. Ask about their favorite memories, and what was different about the holiday when they were kids. Share stories, pass these traditions down and feel the love of being together. Acknowledge the spirit of our loved ones by symbolically placing empty chairs around or near the table.

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