JSL April Newsletters

April 26 2019.png

April 26, 2019

On Tuesday, 40 survivors from the Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families went by bus to Lansing to participate in Holocaust Remembrance Day. Also in attendance were Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist.

April 19, 2019

Passover arrives as Spring blooms with yellow daffodils popping up to acknowledge the season of growth and change. We gather with family and friends to retell the story of the Exodus, recalling our past and celebrating our freedom.

April 19 2019.png

April 12 2019.png

April 12, 2019

On Wednesday, Fleischman's lobby was filled to the brim with volunteers, residents, and staff to celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week! Staff opened the events with an original song to the tune of "YMCA".

April 5 2019.png

April 5, 2019

Springtime makes everyone in Detroit excited for one thing, Tigers' Opening Day! Residents and staff dressed in Tigers gear to enjoy the game. PLAY BALL!