A Decade of Dedication


 Jewish Senior Life of Metropolitan Detroit held it’s 2019 Annual Meeting at Meer Apartments on Tuesday night, June 25.  “When JSL began, the landscape of older adult living was totally different. The ‘Jewish Old Folks Home’ was incorporated in 1907, and “OLD” meant any age over 55. Today, the average age of our residents is 84 years young. Every day at JSL is life affirming, guided by gifted staff and support groups, flavored with music, culture, laughter and learning,” said, Jo Strausz Rosen, Executive Director of Development, who welcomed the attendees.

Our JSL high school student corps was the brainchild of Dining Services Director, Ron Colasanti. A crowd of 140 were treated to the most delicious appetizers and wine. Ken Goss, President of the Board of Directors with CEO, Nancy Heinrich, delivered the evening’s report to the community, which provided hope and some challenges in the future of aging. “I stand here in 2019 and say with confidence that we are stronger for having merged two agencies 10 years ago whose missions were so aligned – to provide safe, affordable housing and services for our older adults,” reported Nancy Heinrich. She identified trends impacting the future of older adults and JSL. “We are letting the community know that we are addressing these issues in master planning efforts that identify the needs and desires of our community. People want to age in place and there is more competition in the market rate marketplace. The tight labor market brings challenges to baby boomers who have not saved adequately for retirement.”

 Two long-time employees of the 112-year-old agency, Rabbi Dovid Polter, Community Chaplain and Beth Tryon, Development Manager, received respectively, The Sandra z’l and Alfred I. z’l Sherman Award, presented by Larry Sherman, and the Michael Cloonan Employee Excellence Award, presented by JSL directors, Tracey Proghovnick and Barbra Giles. The JSL Excellence Award was presented to beloved lay leader Elaine J. Beresh.  The JSL Board of Directors was installed: President, Kenneth Goss, Vice Presidents, Deborah Rosenthal, Robin Kaufman Trepeck and Carolyn Cohen; Secretary, Jeffrey Fleischman, Treasurer, Steve Swartz, Immediate Past President, Lowell Salesin and board members, Michael Banks, Elaine J. Beresh, Gayle Burstein, Jason Fisher, Carol Weintraub Fogel, Neil Gorosh, Judith Herman, Barbara Horowitz, Allison Klein, Mark Kowalsky, Scott Marcus, Brian Raznick, Nancy Reed, Jack Rothenberg, Neil Satovsky, David Schwartzenfeld and Arlene Selik.

LIVING YOUR BEST Jewish Senior Life

Jewish Senior Life is far more than a place to live. It’s 6 beautiful residences where older adults can embrace life and community in a secure and supportive environment.