Religious & Spiritual Support for Jewish Older Adults

The Jewish Community Chaplains and Community Outreach Coordinator develop and coordinate religious, cultural, and social activities through a network of dedicated volunteers, Parachaplains, and a wide range of religious and secular schools, congregations and organizations. 

The Community Outreach Coordinator conducts in-services and training for new Parachaplains, and also provides continuing education seminars for our unique volunteers.

Rabbinic Programs:

  • Individual visits
  • Religious services
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Shabbat Shalom By Phone
  • Nashirah (Jewish music
  • End of life matters

Community Outreach Programs

  • Holiday parcels delivery for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and Purim
  • Thanks for the Memories (reminiscence program)
  • Passover seders
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Friendly visitors
  • Sukkot and other holiday programs

Available Services

Our Chaplains and Community Outreach Coordinator visit Jewish older adults living in nursing homes, assisted living and retirement communities throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. For many of them, their earliest positive memories center on religious observances and holiday celebrations. Jewish food, prayers, music, and stories evoke pleasure and a feeling of belonging. Often, these older adults are isolated from the Jewish community, with no religious or cultural support, and feel disconnected from their Jewish heritage.

Volunteers are Vital

An essential component of the Jewish Community Chaplaincy Program is community involvement. Volunteers play a vital role in reaching out to the isolated Jewish elderly throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.
Many opportunities exist for groups and individual volunteers to perform Mitzvot—to make a significant contribution to the life of a nursing home or assisted living resident by visiting,
leading an Oneg Shabbat service, participating in reminiscence groups, calling on Friday in honor
of Shabbat to the Jewish elderly, delivering a holiday parcel, providing Jewish entertainment, reading stories, or assisting with prayers.

Volunteers are matched with residents and facilities where they will be most comfortable and can have the greatest impact. Training and on-going support of volunteers are provided by the 
Jewish Community Chaplaincy Program.

Help us!

You, as an individual, religious school, organization or group, are needed to volunteer, on a regular basis or once in a while, to enrich the lives of older adults living in care facilities that our program supports. Volunteer opportunities include:

Friendly Visitor

Visit older adults living in a care facility.

Religious Service Leader

Lead an oneg Shabbat service or conduct a mock Passover or Tu B’Shevat Seder.

Religious Program or Intergenerational Program Facilitator

Play Bingo, create an arts and crafts project, or provide programs that celebrate a Jewish holiday between students and residents. Organizations such as congregational sisterhood/ brotherhoods and parochial schools can enrich the lives of older adults.

Cultural Program Facilitator

Provide programs that celebrate Jewish tradition and culture such as Jewish cooking classes, Jewish book reviews, Jewish music, art, history or discuss famous Jewish personalities.

Reminiscence Group

Perform monthly reminiscence programs with our volunteer group, “Thanks for the Memories” or Nashira. Sing, talk about the past, schmooze and have a wonderful time.

Facility Liaison

Help to create a greater awareness in a facility where our services are offered, promoting activity attendance and finalizing details with the care facility staff.

Holiday Parcels

Deliver parcels to residents in facilities during Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Purim.

Together with

  • Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
  • Anonymous Donor

Jewish Community Chaplaincy and Outreach Program, a service of Jewish Senior Life
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